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We use:

Using the open source Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP stack we regularily create problem solving and mission critical applications. Because of the prolificness of these technoligies on affordable webhosts, this is generally the most popular development route.

Ruby on Rails

Using “convention over configuration”, Rails allows for rapid development of dynamic web applications. Generally these applications require a more involved deployment but it’s usualy worthwhile when building an application from the design stages onward.


For windows based hosting or internal windows networks, ASP.NET is the best way to go. We create applications that can interact with existing microsoft services or databases.


We build solid applications on time!
Our passion is creating applications that coincide successfully with existing business processes.

Using agile development methodologies allows us to rapidly develop projects from start to finish. We expect the development process to be collaborative with the customer using regular milestones and demonstrations at every important completion to ensure that the product delivered is exactly what is going to solve the problem.

Our focus has lately been on responsive web applications with rich, intuitive user interfaces. Ease of use and self-explanatory forms are absolutely necessary. The numerous improvements to the client side technoligies that have been made in the past decade have really allowed web applications to function on par or even bypass desktop applications.

Having years of experience with a large number of technologies enables us to avoid pitfalls and provide realistic estimates for a large range of projects. Constantantly learning and updating our skills, we strive to be current with the best tools for the job. We've used numerous frameworks and apis and are always willing to tackle the next one if it will make our final product better.

  • Web Application Development
  • System Administration
  • Project Management
  • Mobile Application Development


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